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Download Mod Minecraft Wireless Redstone 100% Free Premium

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The Wireless Redstone mod adds a transmitter and receiver for redstone connections. This a great way to vastly increase the distance your redstone can go without laying long lines of redstone dust.

Minecraftday [DOWNLOAD] Minecraft Mod Wireless Redstone Minecraft Mods

You simply need to set up a trasmitter and provide a power source to it. Then place a receiver wherever you need that power connected. It seems as though there’s no distance too far for reception either. So you can essentially set up a complicated redstone gate deep underground and then add a receiver wherever you need power.

Minecraftday [DOWNLOAD] Minecraft Mod Wireless Redstone Minecraft Mods

Minecraftday [DOWNLOAD] Minecraft Mod Wireless Redstone Minecraft Mods

Even better with this mod is the ability to receive signal to multiple sources so you don’t need to lay additional transmitters.

Minecraftday [DOWNLOAD] Minecraft Mod Wireless Redstone Minecraft Mods

You will need an additional API found here.

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